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Items you may like

Updated September 29, 2016
The "Items you may like" feature sends out to members, every time they click on the link in "Profile" page, an email with a list of Items that they have included in "Items I like" field at "Edit Profile" page.

This feature provides you with a list of all the Items currently existing within the network that match with the Items you previously defined, saving up time on browsing for those Items and allowing you to go straight to the Item Page to send a "Business Request" to the owner.

Please be aware that this is not an automatic feature, so if you don't click on "Items you may like" link in "Profile" page the email will not be sent. If you want automatic email notifications along with on-screen alerts you can learn about "Email Alerts" sub-feature here.

The costs are described below:

  • US 1.00 for 1 week.
  • US 3.00 for 1 month.
  • US 38.00 for 1 year.

If you want to buy "Items you may like" feature, you can click here.