Trade with your overstock and idle time

Connect with decision-makers from around the world to swap or sell your surplus products and services on a premium network with a B2B & C2B marketplace

Save time and speak directly with verified decision makers from Startups, SMBs and Big Companies.
Get new clients, source products and services and close deals easily on a secure and broker-free business environment.

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Publish products and services

Show your items globally in the marketplace

Receive Business Requests

Receive business proposals on your products and services

Trade with decision-makers

Swap or sell your items with verified members

Share posts to the feed

Spark your brand awareness within the network

Create corporate Events

Get an appropriate audience in a corporate environment

Create Groups and Polls

Interact with those who share your industry or interests

Why join?

● Deal directly with decision makers
● Avoid wastage and loss
● Get new customers


Publish your products or services to be shown in the marketplace


Connect with the members through a Contact Request


Trade the product or service you want through a Business Request

Are commissions charged?

No. You can trade goods and services for free.

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If you are already involved in corporate barter, sign up now to:

● Stop paying annual, monthly and transaction fees
● Avoid middlemen/brokering
● Get global exposure

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