Smartly simple corporate trade

About us

OWNER GROUP is the world's first corporate trade social network.

OWNER GROUP connects you with company owners, decision makers and self-employed professionals worldwide to use your goods, services and knowledge as a means of payment for others you or your company needs.

Some of our major benefits are:

● Avoid wastage and loss
● Increase purchasing power
● Get new customers
● Conserve cash flow
● Grow the business
● Increase profit

Some of our major advantages are:

● Stop paying annual, monthly and transaction fees
● Avoid middlemen/brokering
● Get global exposure

Mission Statement

Provide companies with the most innovative and effective tool for corporate trade.

How it works?

1. Publish your products or services fast and easy

Create your Items to be found in the marketplace and be able to trade, using the plus sign icon.

2. Use your product or service as a means of payment

Find the product or service you want and offer your product or service as payment through a Business Request, using the briefcase icon.

3. Adjust the details of the trade

Contact the member to agree the terms of the trade like amounts, delivery date and legal terms, according to your needs.

4. Deliver your product or provide your service

Deliver your Item to comply with the agreement. Ah... and don't forget to leave a Rating & Review to the member you traded with.

Trade your goods and services worldwide with the ease that OWNER GROUP provides you.

Start doing business today.


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