Smartly simple corporate trade

About us

OWNER GROUP is the world's first corporate trade social network.

OWNER GROUP connects you with company owners, decision makers and self-employed professionals worldwide to use your goods, services and knowledge as a means of payment for others you or your company needs.

Some of our major benefits are:

● Avoid wastage and loss
● Increase purchasing power
● Get new customers
● Conserve cash flow
● Grow the business
● Increase profit

Some of our major advantages are:

● Stop paying annual, monthly and transaction fees
● Avoid middlemen/brokering
● Get global exposure

Mission Statement

Provide companies with the most innovative and effective tool for corporate trade.

How it works?

1. Publish your item fast and free

Snap a photo of your product or service with your mobile and publish it freely in seconds.

2. Send a 'Business Request' for the item you want

Find the item you want and click on the briefcase icon to send a 'Business Request' to the owner.

3. Ship your item or meet nearby

Once the owner accepted your "Business Request", send the package by airmail or choose a place to meet and exchange items.

Trade your goods and services worldwide with the ease that OWNER GROUP provides you.

Start doing business today.


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