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What is a "Business Request"?

Updated November 14, 2022
On OWNER GROUP, a "Business Request" is a trade request, where a member request to another member to swap products and services (items).

You can send a "Business Request" on any product and service (item) by clicking on the "Business Request" button of the item. When you do so, you will be required to select at least one of your items, or either entering the OGV amount that you want to give in exchange. Please note, that if you have not published any item yet, neither nor you have purchased OGV virtual currency, you will not be able to complete the request.

Once the request is succefully sent to the other member, they will receive a notification of this request in the Notifications icon along with another notification on their Profile page on the "Business Request" button of the corresponding item.

At this point, the receiving member will be able to choose whether to accept this request or not, since this request does not constitute any obligation to accept it. A "Business Request" can be accepted or rejected by the other member without any commitment.

How do I send a "Business Request"?