1. Publish your products or services fast and easy

Create your Items from any of the buttons below and fill in the required info.

create item


2. Use your product or service as a means of payment

Find the product or service you want and offer your product or service as payment with a Business Request from the briefcase icon.

business request


3. Agree the terms of the trade

Contact the member via inbox to agree the terms of the trade according to your needs.

handing over


4. Materialize your transaction

Ship your product or provide the service to fulfill the agreement. Ah... and don't forget to leave a Rating & Review to the member you traded.


What you're waiting?

If you haven't created your first item yet, click here to create one now.

If you created an item but you haven't traded yet, click here to find the one you like and send a "Business Request" for it.

If your "Business Requested" was accepted but you haven't handed over your item yet, click here to get in touch with the member and agree a way to do it.

For more info about this process, please visit our Help Center.