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Product Engineering


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Product Engineering

At, QSS product engineering is a basic concept of working with product life cycle by inducing due diligence to understand business requirements to visualize product roadmap and helping customers to better align and position their expectations of delivering quality solution to concerned markets to achieve better ROI in stipulated times, by releasing product in phased and prioritized manner . The focus is not only just delivering a quality product but also to meet market potentials to make product sustainable with continuous improvisations.

Product Conceptualization

We help customers in framing product requirements with prioritized release process to visualize and better positioned their product into market. This sets up product roadmap and strategies as aligned to market demands.

Product Development

Developing products in phased manner using Agile and iterative methodologies by meeting customer expectations and their strategies of releasing precedent features for larger customers base. This also provides customers with high visibility and transparency to foresee and evaluate risks involved.

Product Localization

Product internationalization and localization to place developed products into broader market segments, as per customer needs. This increases product reach into larger customers’ base.

Product Customization

We help customer sustaining their products into versatile markets as per growing demands from market segments, which needs continuous product improvisations. We do impact analysis over products for enhancements requests.

Product Migration & Porting

Technologies are ever changing, which requires products to be upgraded for various reasons like performance, security etc. We help customers to meet such demands by providing niche migration and porting services.

Product Support

We provide product support services with all levels of support like level 1, 2, 3, 4 with a 24X7 support strategy and well defined SLA’s, to domestic as well as international customers for product maintenance and enhancement work.

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