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How to create an Ad?

Updated November 8, 2018
In order to create an Ad, you need an Owner Group account. If you don't have it yet, you can register here, otherwise you can go to the Campaign Manager to create your Ad.

Once you are member of Owner Group, you can select any of the packages that best fit your needs in Create Ad page.

You can choose any of the 3 available formats:

Image Ad
Is displayed as an image and appears to the left or right of many pages (only available on desktop).

Text Ad
Is displayed as text only or image with text and appears to the left or right of many pages (only available on desktop).

Sponsored Content
Is displayed as a normal post and appear in the Updates page (on desktop, mobile, and tablet).

Each package provides with different benefits, and therefore the prices vary accordingly.

Depending on the package you select, you may need to fill in all the follwing info or part of it:

What campaign do you want to run your ad in?

Create a new campaign or add to existing one
You can select whether to run your ad in a new campaign or in a campaign already created.

Campaign name
If you are creating a new campaign you need to enter the name here. The campaign name is not visible, it is only for your reference.

What type of ad you want to create?

This will show you the type of ad you have selected in Create Ad page.

Where should members go when they click your ad?

Select the destination of your ad

My website
You can redirect the users to your company's website.

Page on Owner Group
You can redirect the users to a page in Owner Group. If you chose this option, you need to:

Select the section: This is the section of Owner Group that the page belongs to.

Select the page: This is the page that you want to redirect the users to.

Craft your ad and choose where it will be displayed

Add a gorgeous headline
This is the title of your ad and usually what users see right before the image (if any).

Add a catchy text
This is the text of your ad and usually what users see as a complement of the image (if any) and title.

Add an image
This is the image of your ad and mostly what users see first, so better pick up a good one.

This is an approach of how your ad looks like.

Select the placement
These are the available placements where you wish to show your ad.

Placement selected
This shows you the placement selected.

Select the pages
These are the available pages where you wish to show your ad.

+ Add more placements
You can ad more placements if required.

Reach the right people by selecting specific targeting criteria

This is the age range where you want to show your ad in.

This is the gender where you want to show your ad in.

These are the cities where you want to show your ad in.

These are the countries where you want to show your ad in.

This allows you to target only people having their birthday on current date. This is particularly useful for products or services related to birthdays.

Account Type
This is the account type where you want to show your ad in.

This allows you to select whether you want not registered users to see your ad or not.

This is the amount of Owner Group members that will see your ad, according the values prevoiusly selected.

Tell us how much you'd like to spend and when you'd like your campaign to start

This is the info of your selected package. You can increase the amount of clicks or impressions of your selected package but not decrease them.

Enter your goal for this ad
This is number you want to achieve in terms of clicks or impressions, and therefore what allows you to control your budget for your ad.

This is the total cost of your ad.

Start date
This is the date when you want your ad to start showing up.

Start immediately once approved: You can run your ad immediately right after it is approved

Schedule start and end date: You can run your ad scheduling a start and end date.

"Place Order" button
Click here to complete the payment.

"Save draft" button
Click here if you wish to continue later on.

What is the minimum cost to advertise on Owner Group?