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Assorted bulk new items


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Assorted bulk new items

Excess goods….all bulk new.   FOB: MI or TX mostly.


Auto surplus:


480   Auto radiators

240   Ford Steering columns

6K     GM camshaft sensors

16     Pallets of lawn/farm equip. belts & wheels

28    GM Envoy and Trailblazer rear axles

2K    VDO-Continental PM9080 new radiator motors and fan

32     Cadillac CTS window lifts w/ regulators

100   Cadillac CTS center consoles ’10 –‘14

250   Jeep Grand Cherokee wiper motors ’93-‘96

720   Chrysler 300/Charger window regular motors ’11 – ‘17

52     Chrysler A/C evaporator cores ’92 – ‘95

800    Ford fuel pump sensors

1.7k   GM brake boosters for Malibu and more

400    Chrysler brake boosters for Buick and more



Industrial surplus:


600+  GreenStarLED street lights – some solar

2         Large reels of 2 3/8”  industrial cable,  700’

18K     Feet submersible cable on reels

2         Totes of ChemArrow hair and pin lubricant 600 Gl.

330K   Gallons VGO oil - per month

2K       Lbs. of Lincoln Electric welding wire

1.2K    Metro 2460NC Super Erecta Chrome Shelves

20       Truckloads of household lighting GE/Sylvania

260     55-Gal. drums 190 proof USB grade ethanol

3         Prefab structures 100’ x 300’ x 32’

5         ‘FAG’ Industrial bearings 180mm internal bore

160K   CE – Commercial Electric New  & store return products

64       Spools galvanized round control cable wire 1.3mm

280      A/C & refrigerator compressors

340K   Clear plastic 16oz. bottles w/o caps or labels.

36        Baldor 1 hp motors

44        5-gl. buckets of Finish Works epoxy

27K      Lbs. filter fabric cloth in rolls.

27        Pallets EW-5505 Nonwoven debossed 510mm fabric




8K       Touch free sanitizer dispensers


Consumer Items:


17K   Wicker baskets.

40      AT&T hardwire phones

2.4K  Marvel Comics figures.

66     Gigaset 590 hardwire phones

2.6K  Art + Sound wireless & portable Bluetooth speakers

850   ELO POS touchscreen 15” LCD’s

80K   Sunglasses


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