Commerce Policies

1. I/We, hereinafter referred to as the "member" or "members" hereby apply for membership in OWNER GROUP, Inc. (hereafter referred to as OWNER GROUP) for the purpose of trading products and/or services with other OWNER GROUP members or affiliated trade exchanges. I/We agree to read and abide by the trading Rules and Regulations prescribed below which are incorporated with and made a part of this User Agreement and further agree that this agreement may be amended from time to time in the manner provided herein.

2. OWNER GROUP acts as a social network, third party record keeper and/or brokerage for its members who have joined OWNER GROUP's corporate trade network to trade or barter their individual products and services among themselves. The sole principals in a trade are the buying and selling member. OWNER GROUP is not the agent for any member nor is OWNER GROUP the guarantor of any transaction, trade or trade credit (OGV). OWNER GROUP does not guarantee the availability of a particular service, product, customer or member within the trade network. It is member's responsibility to initiate and engage in trades and derive the economic benefits of the trade network.

3. Trade transactions are entered into on a voluntary basis between members of OWNER GROUP or affiliated trade exchanges and although OWNER GROUP may provide referrals as a service to its members, OWNER GROUP assumes no responsibility for the quality, timely delivery, warranty or dispute of any nature between members or between members with regard to any products or service being traded. Member should exercise the same diligence entering into trade transactions as they exercise with ordinary cash transactions. OWNER GROUP reiterates that it is functioning in a connection platform capacity and the member does hereby indemnify and holds OWNER GROUP harmless with respect to any claims, debts or liability whatsoever arising out of any trade exchange transaction wherein the member is a buyer or a seller.