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A handmade metal mirror will make you amaze. Every time you see your face will be alluring. Handcrafted by a master artisan who has decades of knowledge of producing it. It has rich culture and tradition in Kerala, India. It is gifted to the bride at the time of marriage as a lucky charm. 

Product Specifications
Mirror - 7.5 cm (Length)
Frame - 24.5 cm (Length), 10 cm (Width)
Weight - 425 grams
Color -  Gold
User friendly for travel & home purpose
Specially designed for party people and brides
Box Dimensions
Length - 29.5 cm
Breadth - 14.5 cm
Height - 3.5 cm
This box specially designed to carry this handmade metal mirror for the safety of the product. It contains a cleaning cloth and cleaning powder.

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