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Business Sales


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Business Sales

Business Exits: The way I help:

The decision to sell a business is not a simple, straightforward task. It is complicated with numerous financial and personal consequences. The process can be exhausting, time-consuming and raise issues of the fulfillment of your aspirations, family goals and wealth management. At times, the process can feel overwhelming and too slow, taking away from the steady operation of the business. It will test your readiness emotionally as the reality of a transition from a gratifying life's work to a new, and potentially less fulfilling, post-sale life springs to the forefront.


I ease the burden by:


Providing you with a working knowledge of the critical issues involved in each step of the exit process, by sale or succession. You will gain the insight to competently consider the complex issues that continuously arise in the process. You will be better prepared to successfully transition the business at your price.

Helping you navigate the process. I engage with, not replace, your trusted financial, legal, tax and other advisors, and management staff creating an integrated process leading to a timely transaction at the highest possible price. I work to assure any exit is well thought out and completed successfully. I work persistently to secure your personal goals and the apprehensions.

The steps we will review are:


  • Planning the Sale

  • Choosing Advisors

  • Structure, Estate and Income Tax Considerations

  • Valuation Approaches

  • Potential Buyers

  • Readiness of Business (Seller Diligence)

  • Transaction Process

  • Buyer Due Diligence

  • Negotiation and Closing

  • Post-Sale Integration

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