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What is the validation process?

Updated October 25, 2019
We're requesting an identification to verify that you meet our service eligibility and to ensure that you're in compliance with the User Agreement. Under the "DO's" and "DON'Ts" section, it states that you agree not to create a false identity on OWNER GROUP.

We're using this information solely for the purpose of validating your identity and assisting you with accessing your account. We'll remove any and all copies of identity you've provided once the verification process is resolved.

We have an extremely secure upload and storage system allowing us to apply rigorous security standards while ensuring your identity verification documents remain in strictest confidence. Please contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns regarding how we protect your identification information.

During the validation process, we may contact your company in order to verify the information provided. We must ensure that there are not fake profiles and that the registered person is the one in charge either of commercial transactions, alternative sales channels or supply chain. This will lead into building a platform clean of spam and with reliable members to trade with.

What types of ID does OWNER GROUP accept?