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Updated May 3, 2020
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The "Certified Member" badge is a seal that recognizes the outstanding performance of the members regarding trade activities.

This seal is shown in Profile page and provides you with more credibility and trust, and therefore it can help you to receive a greater number of "Business Requests" than the rest of the members.

To obtain this seal you must prove that you have fulfilled the 3 Outstanding Requirements below:

  • 5 Stars as overall "Business Rating" (1)
  • 2 transactions minimum in the last 2 months (2)
  • Total transactions surpassing OGV 500 (3)

(1) You must prove that you are as reliable as to get an average punctation of 5 points per trade, so that your overall Business Rating shown in your Profile page is 5 stars at the moment you apply for this seal.
(2) You must prove that you are doing businesses as frequent as a minimum of 2 transactions in the last 2 months at the moment you apply for this seal.
(3) You must prove that your volume of businesses is as significant as to surpass OGV 2,000 among all your transactions at the moment you apply for this seal.

The cost is US 120.00 for 1 year and you will receive the same amount in OGV (OGV 120) along with your seal as a reward for your outstanding performance.

The seal can be renewed yearly if the above mentioned requirements remain still in force. On the other hand, OWNER GROUP also holds the right to remove the seal if you lose 1 or more stars of "Business Rating" anytime, if and only if it's proven that the rater member is right on the qualification given to you.

If you are ready to request your "Certified Member" seal, you can click here.