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How do I report violations?

Updated November 11, 2022

The information below outlines the types of violations you can report to us through our Help Center as well as how to report them.

  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted materials: Learn more about OWNER GROUP's Copyright Policy and file a report here.
  • Sale or promotion of counterfeit goods: Learn more about OWNER GROUP's counterfeit goods policy. Report an account for sale or promotion of counterfeit goods here.
  • Privacy policy towards children: Our Services are not directed to persons under 13. If you become aware that your child has provided us with personal information without your consent, please contact us via our privacy form. Learn more about our policy towards children in our Privacy Policy.
  • Pornography: To report obscene or pornographic images being used in user profile photos, header photos, and/or background images on OWNER GROUP, follow instructions outlined here.
  • Impersonation of an individual or brand: Learn more about our impersonation policy and file a report here.
  • Abusive behavior and violent threats: learn more about our abusive behavior policy and file a report here.
  • Spam and system abuse: if you are experiencing a spam or malware issue that’s impacting your use of Twitter, file a report here.
  • Violation of OWNER GROUP Ads Policy: Learn how to recognize OWNER GROUP Ads and the steps you can take to resolve issues without filing a report. Report a Twitter Ad that may be in violation of our policies here.

 When reporting potential violations of the OWNER GROUP Rules and Terms of Service via the Help Center, you may be asked to allow us to share parts of your report with third parties, such as the affected user.