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Corporate account

Updated October 19, 2018
Corporate accounts are especially aimed at company owners or decision makers who wish to trade their unsold goods and services in order to use their excess inventory and idle time as a means of payment for other goods and services, and consequently avoid wastage and loss, increase purchasing power, get new customers and conserve cash flow, among others.

Some examples of items to trade are:


  • Merchandise
  • Machinery
  • Office furniture
  • Computer equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Estate


  • Advertising space
  • Hotel rooms
  • Airline tickets
  • Restaurant tables
  • Consultancy
  • Lawyers & CPA
  • Events & expos tickets
  • Medical
  • Shipping

Corporate members are identified with the "Corporate Member Badge" in their Profile page.

NOTE: During the sign up process, corporate members are required to submit an ID so that we can verify that they really work for the company that are signing up for.

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