Creating an Item
Create Items means simply publishing your products or services.

Below are explained all the fields that you can fill when creating an item, depending if you are offering products or services.

Item Type
Choose "Tangible" or "Intangible" type for your item so that the members know whether shipping will be required or not.

I offer products: Most likely your item is Tangible, unless you are offering a downloadable item like music, software, images, videos, etc., in which case your item is Intangible. If this is the case, you will be able to upload the downloadable item in the next step after clicking on "Save" button, and consequently the "Download" feature will become available in "Transactions" page for the member who exchanges it.

I offer services: Your item is Intangible, just skip the downloadable item step that follows after clicking on "Save" button by clicking on "Back" button.

Item Name
Enter a name for your item, trying to keep it short and simple, in order to make it more readable and searchable.

I offer products: If it's a batch of a single product just use the name of the product. If it's a batch of different products, you have 2 options:

  • Big amount of each one: We suggest you to create different items, one of each product, and use the name of the product for each item.

  • Small amount of each one: We suggest you to create just one item, a batch kind, and use the category name to which they belong if they are different but belonging to the same category; or simply use "Products Batch" and detail them in "Description" field.

I offer services: The idea is that you make packages with your service with different contents and prices. If it's a service usually provided by units, just use the name of the service followed by the amount of it (Advertising Space 2 Posters, Restaurant 4 People, Hotel 6 Rooms, Air Tickets 8 Seats, etc.). If it's a service usually provided by time, you have 2 options:

  • Per time: Use the name of the service followed by a period of time (Programming 1 Hour, Photography 3 Hours, Graphic Design 5 Hours, etc.).

  • Per finished project: Use the name of the service followed by the deliverable (Programming 1 Website, Photography 3 Shootings, Graphic Design 5 Logos, etc.).

Enter a description for your item, this time, trying to make it as broad and detailed as possible because here is where you really sell your product or service, and besides, the more you explain, the less the members can claim. You can add a link to your website and embed some image or video in this part.

I offer products: Describe thoroughly your product and the number of units included, highlighting its condition or expiration date for perishables, and advantages and/or benefits if exist. Also, it is always welcomed to give an estimated time to ship your products (for international shipments around 1 month) as well as fees to some countries if you have.

I offer services: Describe thoroughly your service, explaining well what's included and what's not, and if there is something that can be changed or customized upon request, highlighting advantages and/or benefits if exist. Also, if there is any tax, fee or surcharge that the member should afford when using the service, it should be explained here.

Tags (Keywords)
Enter the tags for you item so that members can find it easily when searching through tags. Don't use the hashtag symbol (#) for these tags but separate them with comas.

Upload photos and give color to your item. It is worth to show nice and clear pictures of your item because images are processed much faster than text. Colorful images can easily catch the members attention and therefore help you to sell your item better. Uploading 3 to 6 pictures should be enough.

I offer products: Show the best angles of your product but also show the scratches if any when it comes to used products.

I offer services: Show pictures of your service if you have, and if not, just show something related to it. You can choose some images from internet that may be representative of the service, or snap photos of your company, previous works or even you while working.

Choose the right category for your item so that members can find it easily when searching through categories. If you don't find one that matches your item, just choose "Other Items".

Item Condition
Choose "New" or "Used" condition for your item to let the members know what they are getting. This selector is only available for Tangible items.

This quantity is completely different to the number of units that your item includes and is strictly related to the number of times that you can offer this item. Each time you exchange this item, this quantity will decrease one by one until you exhaust the entered number and it becomes 0 (cero). Once that, your item will be hidden from the marketplace but will still live in your Panel, allowing you to restore it later on by increasing the quantity again. So, whenever you wish to hide the item from the marketplace just change this quantity to 0 (cero).

I offer products: Enter a quantity according to your inventory if Tangible items, or according to the downloadable items available if Intangible ones.

I offer services: Enter a quantity according to availability or the times you wish to provide this service.

Enter a value for your item in OGV currency. The value is the "price" you sell your product or service to your customers regularly, and the OGV currency is our digital money, that gives value to all items in our platform. The OGV is valued in U.S. dollars (OGV 1 = USD 1), so converting your price to OGV is very simple: If you sell in US dollars you don't need to do any calculation, and if you sell in another currency you just need to know the dollar exchange rate in your country and do the following calculation:

 Price in your currency
--------------------------- = Price in OGV *
  Dollar exchange rate

* Divide the Price in your currency by the Dollar exchange rate and you get the Price in OGV.

I offer products: Enter the value of your product or batch of products, as explained above.

I offer services: Enter the value of your service by units or by finished project, as explained above.

Value Type
Choose "Regular" or "Discount" type for your item depending on if you are applying a discount for your item or not.

Value without Discount
Enter the value before the discount to show the members which was the original price and thus how much money they are saving. As this is the price without discount, this price must be always greater than the Value. The price is shown crossed out with a red line to indicate that is the old price.

Discount expiration
You can set a discount expiration date for your item, in case you don't want it to last forever, and it will automatically be deactivated on specified date and time. You can re-activate it anytime by choosing "Discount" type again.

Virtual Currency
Check this box if you accept the OGV virtual currency in exchange for your item and the OGV icon will appear below the Value, indicating that you accept it. If you receive OGV, you can use them to pay for other products or services within the network as if it were cash, and therefore, increasing your purchasing power.

What is an Item?
How to create an Item?