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The 5 trading rules

Below, we have listed our universal 5 operation rules that everyone needs to follow to build a successful business network: 

1. Be inquisitive
The best way to start doing business is to be curious and explore Items and members within the network, you never know what's waiting for you around the corner.

2. Be honest
Don't publish Items you don't own or you don't want to trade, you don't want to be low rated or even reported.

3. Be serious
Don't send or accept "Business Requests" on Items that are unnecessary or unwanted, this is a network where you can get a real benefit for your company.

4. Be expeditious
Send your item to the other member at your earliest convenience when it's tangible, no one likes waiting and they will really appreciate your speed.

5. Be a business man
Don't forget to leave your Rates & Reviews on other members after a transaction, all the members in the network will value knowing how reliable other members are.